What Are The Visa Types In Saudi Arabia?

Individuals who would like to visit Saudi Arabia may find it difficult to get visas. This post will go over everything including the kind of visa required to enter Saudi Arabia , and how to get it approved via a port-of-entry.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Business/commercial Visa

The commercial/business visa is by far the most commonly used and most straightforward type of travel visa for Saudi Arabia. This permits individuals to travel to Saudi Arabia for the benefit of their company or company, provided that they have received an invitation from a previous client. The application process is entirely online , at any point prior to your departure date , as long as you meet certain criteria such as having sufficient money in the bank with one specific firm which will be able to provide you with funds upon your arrival in the Kingdom of God.

When a client wants to bring their loved ones along for an event they should first sign through the front door, and then wait patiently while that particular office goes about its business. It could take between one and three months according to how long it takes. All schedules have been vetted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices located in town. Invitations will be made available without surprises or delays. You will be satisfied that someone special is going to come to your home soon.

2. Visit to Work Visit

Be aware that a business visa is only granted by the US employer. It is not possible to receive compensation from Saudi hosts. If they believe this is an issue, be sure the application for visitor permission has been filed. But , remember that it’s going through the same process as other applications so you can anticipate some adjustments in the way you interact with Embassy staff.

3. Visa for Government

A government-sponsored program is the simplest and most well-liked visa. This type of permit could be obtained through meeting with various Saudi Arabian government institutions or their employees at the embassy during the application process; however less documentation from the person who is applying for the sponsorship will be required in order to be eligible for this type of sponsorship. It usually gets processed within 1 to 2 business days and is absolutely free.

4. Family Visit Visa

A family visit visa can be extremely difficult to obtain as it requires documents that establish your relationship with the person you are visiting. If you’re going to visit grandparents, you will need to have birth certificates and marriage certificates. But even more important is the established relationship between children and parents. This kind of travel document can have a huge impact on your spouse.

5. Visa for Residence

The Residence Visa is intended for those looking to relocate or live in KSA. This kind of immigration document can only be obtained from the Ministry of Interior. It’s directly linked with your Iqama Card, so you’ll need an employment permit. They’ll send you an invitation with a yellow color. But, it’s essential to go through the whole issue.

6. Work Visa

It can be difficult to get the Saudi Arabia work visa. The most difficult visa is one that requires you to be employed by your employer, and get benefits. This is only possible if your employer offers direct hiring. The majority of people have to undergo several recruitment firms before being assessed as a candidate for employment.

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