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We go through a variety of home-based business alternatives that may help you advance in your profession.

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Our technicians are quite knowledgeable. We provide a selection of repair suggestions to assist you in learning new skills.


We go through a variety of company ideas and prospects that may be beneficial to your marketing profession.

In this site, you’ll mostly find videos accompanied by brief words, and sometimes – when a subject truly moves me – just text. Politics, psychology, and the media are the main themes.

The first goal was to gather documentaries and categorize them by theme, as shown in the idea map, in order to condense them as much as feasible. However, it was insufficient to fulfill my want to report, particularly while watching a video or reading news in another language. So, on occasion, I devote myself to subtitling another report or article, particularly from German to Spanish, since I am fortunate in that I am able to comprehend and speak German.

What is not news, in my opinion, does not exist. And the media is fully aware of this; much has already been researched. However, our judgment will only be as good as the facts we have, thus fate favors the forewarned.

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