How To Protect Yourself From Investment Fraud

Americans are heavily invested in the stock markets. In fact, 55% of people have individual stocks and mutual funds along with equity investments within their 401(ks) or IRA’s. It’s around 300 million Americans. This shouldn’t be surprising, considering it’s a method to make money grow faster than any other type of investment currently. However there’s been lots of controversy surrounding this practice because of theft, fraud and corruption from brokers. They could be the reason how people feel about this since lawyers tend to view themselves as more negative towards them.

Growing Trend

Some of the most prominent brokers were sent to jail for bilking customers. This shocked the financial world. What is your investment’s security? To determine the amount of security an investor can have from malfeasance, it’s important to review the different types of duties a stockbroker performs towards his/her clientele

We were all shocked witness prominent figures from this sector being taken to prison after being accused of bribery as well as fraud. But justice seems to prevail until that day comes.

Legal Responsibilities

Financial relationships can be complex. The concept of “fiduciary obligation” or “fiducia rights” refers to a person who manages funds for another person as their agent or guardian, until they are able defend themselves from damage. This is a position that is higher than friendship but not necessarily guaranteed by law. These situations are rare however.

They’re often associated with financial advisors in the event of more complex crimes or lawsuits that could affect the registered representatives. Advisors have fiduciary responsibilities which involve planning your financial future and not only trading securities. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Stockbrokers may still be facing civil or criminal penalties for their violations. But the manner in which these cases are dealt with differs from when dealing brokerages that don’t have a level dedicated to protecting the rights of customers as proportional thirds.

What is Fraud?

The phrase “broker fraud” is a catchall for any advisor who crosses the line and commits various forms of misconduct including deceit or lying, theft (of client assets) and illegal transactions such as bad investments which cause greater losses than if they’d never been executed to generate commissions himself instead of putting clients ‘ interests first, just as the other professionals you deal with. Churning is the practice of trading excessively only to help brokers make more money by reducing your total cost, without providing any added value beyond what someone else could do to make them better at less expense that’s just absurd.

A person may file claims for compensation should they lose their savings or retirement funds because of incompetence, fraud, or incompetence in an investment. Because investors are required to accept arbitration clauses which prohibit they from bringing cases to actual court, most cases involving loss of money are resolved through having lawyers dispute what is left instead of proceeding through long, arduous proceedings where everyone can see you shout.

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