Don’t Give Up: How You Can Cure The Yips In Golf

Golfers who have been playing for a long time could see a sudden decline in their performance as they progress through the various stages. You may feel frustrated or angry because your skills seem to be deteriorating after all the work and practice. There’s a chance that you may be suffering from “Golf Yips,” which is an involuntary movement disorder which prevents you from achieving your goals at any level.

Golf yips are an everyday practice in the game of golf, but what is the cause? Recent studies indicate that golf yips do not due to any physical issue. However, stress from the psychological side could be the cause. The condition isn’t the only solution for golfers. There are a few therapy options to help overcome the fear of failure.

Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Visualizations and self-talk

Eliminate all negative thoughts, anxieties, and negative self-talk. Negative thoughts can cause stress in the body and trigger unwelcome wrist flinching, or an out-of-rhythm swing. Replace these with positive affirmations such as “I am a professional golfer.” Visualize past successes such as having a winning shot; now relive it by imagining yourself doing your whole game perfectly with a great putt after swing, allowing only happiness to fill up inside you

If Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work for You, “Blank” Your Mind Instead

There are numerous things you can do to improve your swing on the golf course. You can do this by making sure you are focusing on a particular element of golf. For example when you begin to swing from a sitting area, make sure you have a perfect backswing, or after you have successfully completed a powerful drive.

If you’ve used negative reinforcement methods such as picturing their perfect swings to boost confidence, this method may not be effective. Instead of relaxing in these “delayed expectations” in which nothing happens except for something happening first, your mind is busy trying to figure out how to achieve it.

Design Your Golf Grip

A new grip for the golf club could help you rewire or refocus your brain, so that it can stop firing in the areas which cause you to yip. Other players suggest that when swinging, unconscious body movements are caused by an inability to control your eyes. This can cause some to slip up on themselves since their weight is solely on the one side of their body and not the other. Keep your eyes at the ball you want to hit and not on how you play.

Learn to Make Yourself Relax

Relaxation is the key for playing golf effectively. There are a variety of ways to relax while playing golf. You can study books on mental strategies and other stress-relief guides on the internet or in printed form. Techniques for meditation will aid in reducing anxiety, increase concentration, and make you feel more at ease. This will lead to an improved performance.

The golf yips is a condition which affects even the most skilled of golfers, yet it is possible to overcome. To do this you must first figure out what causes the problem and then focus in resolving their game. For more information on how you can get rid of your own golf yips go through the Golf Guidebook.

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